Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Narrow path - Just how wide?

Today I just listened to John Macarthur Jnr preach on "Total depravity" at a conference, (and while I am mentioning this conference, please, please do not miss RC Sprouls sermon on the gospel!-also provided below)

Now here is my concern. After hearing Steve Gregg in the recent debate with James White, and having read a lot of Mr Greggs theology and having even interacted with the man several times, I was struck with just how he himself would react to John Macarthur's sermon.
There would be little if any point of contact between the two men on the subject of total depravity and just about every other statement made by Macarthur, and he makes some very big and crucial statements!

I am concerned not only for Mr Gregg, but for the people he seems to have a huge influence over.
I am going to ask Mr Gregg and others there at his board to listen to the sermon and see if there is a reaction.

Every single text given by Macarthur with explanation I know is rejected by Gregg.

Here is the message

And here is the RC Sermon!

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