Saturday, April 12, 2008

Free offer, two wills, Hyper Calvinism and James White thrown in for free!

Well, well well.
On the back of the 5 part Debate series this week between Dr James White and Steve Gregg, below is an after debate kind of analysis which many may find helpful.

Now, anyone who knows my views on the tag title of this thread, knows the controversy I have so often been involved in when it comes to "two wills", "well meant offers" etc.
Think Gene Cook Jnr, Tony Byrne and Mr David Ponter and my discussions with them.
(Incidentally, mentioning Ponter and Byrne, means I am stalking them or being obsessed with them according to them!)

Well. on todays program, James receives a call from Jason In Great Britain, (also a person I have discussed this issue with in the past at Gene's board) If you go to (41.55 Mins) in you can catch the conversation, where Dr White clearly takes the same views as I have been defending on this subject.
I was also glad that Jason from UK mentioned Phil Johnson in connection with this matter, as I have said before, Mr Johnson is not balanced on this subject. That explains by the way, why Phil has had no small part in the unfortunate use of some of his writings, particularly his world famous Primer on Hyper Calvinism, as being used by so called Calvinists against other Calvinists such as myself and now clearly Dr Whites position on the matter.

Yet I fully agree with Dr White that equating these issues with Hyper Calvinism is an incorrect assumption.

Just because some Christians do not like the argument that we do not know who the elect are, seems to my mind at least, that they who advocate these multiple wills in God which leads to confusion rather than clarity, have not seemed to grasp the entirety of the nature and purpose of the atonement and it's interconnectedness, including such ideas as intercession, and the means by which God uses to call His people, namely us!, who do not know who the elect are.

Anyway, it was an encouragement to hear the good Dr give his views clearly on the matter and to even dare correct how invalid such passages in Ezekiel 18 and 33 are so often used out of context.
So many reformed men these days do not clearly speak on this matter, and I am thinking about Gene at this exact moment!

Now if I could just get James to advocate Clark over Van Til, all will be perfect!

Here is the show.

Oh, I almost forgot. James White mentions earlier in this show about comments made by one Trey Austin about Dr White.

You can listen below or here

Trey's comments can be read here.

Trey, strangely enough was the ex moderator and good friend of Gene Cook, and Trey used to be the Moderator at Unchained before me. He was the person who banned me originally at Unchained for comments I made against Tony Byrne and his teachings. Gene then un-banned me and made me moderator, but eventually the prevailing mood of the board was favourable to well meant offers and two wills etc, and that my end was imminent. Eventually I resigned as moderator as support there was non existent sadly.

Anyway, Trey is definitely a product of the post modern times, who ironically, decide they have the ability to read a persons heart, and yet cry foul when others passionately preach the truth uncompromisingly!
Oh the shame and the inconsistency!



PuritanReformed said...

Hmmmm, I will have to hear this, though I'm afraid I would need to finish the nearly 5 hours of mp3s between Steve Gregg and James White first.

Tartanarmy said...

Yes, those are definitely worth listening to