Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Gone Fishin!


Winnen said...

Hi, I like your comments on the Pyromaniac site concerning there being a "sincere" offer of salvation in the gospel. As you are discovering, their religion is disguised Pelagianism. Winnen

Tartanarmy said...

Yes, well maybe it is. The thing is quite simple. How can there be any "offer" when salvation is through faith which is itself a gift of that doctrine called election.

These people need to throw out "election" or become Arminians and start openly proclaiming libertarian free will.

Not only that, they need to stop proclaiming the doctrine of "Total Depravity" too, (come to think about it, I never hear them speak on the subject!)

Actually, the whole TULIP goes flying right out the window when you think about it, because salvation becomes an event already there for the taking, hence the "sincere" part of the offer.


Tartanarmy said...

I prefer to proclaim that man is so unwilling to come to Christ because of his hatred of God, but God has predestined all the elect to come and be saved through faith, overcoming the hardness of heart of some men, thereby enabling them to be saved, and sincerely so!

In otherwords, God shall have mercy upon whom He shall have mercy, and the rest remain in their sin and corruption.

One set of people to the glory of His grace, and the rest He leaves to the glory of His great Justice.


Tartanarmy said...

By the way..The "Good" news of the gospel is in the fact that even though man is corrupt and dead spiritually, there is hope for sinners through faith in Christ.

Part of that hope is in the fact that God has overcome the hearts and minds of some people, despite their hatred of Him. That cannot be said even potentially of all men in light of scripture.

Just because the "secret will" of God determines who shall be saved, does not equate to the idea that God sincerely desires the salvation of all men!

The secret part refers to the "whom" as we do not know who they are, but we certainly and clearly know what there is a "whom" who shall be called and regenerated in God's time.

They are the people whom God intends to "sincerely" save, whom He shows mercy.
These matters are crystal clear in scripture.

None of this detracts us from proclaiming the "good news" to all men either, as we know that some shall come to faith and some shall be hardenned by the same message, which is "repentance and faith" toward the Lord Jesus Christ.
God works through "means", and the ordinary means is the "ordinary" preaching of the Gospel, both law and gospel btw!

God is free in the matter of salvation.
Men are either the recipients of free grace or are passed by and left in their sins.

Salvation does not depend on the man who wills (any and all men), but upon the God who shows mercy.