Monday, January 14, 2008

A few thoughts repeated...

Seven marks of true repentance.

A changed heart always leads to a changed behavior. Arthur Pink lists seven marks of true repentance.

1.) A hatred of sin;
2.) A deep sorrow for sin;
3.) Ongoing repentance and confession of sin;
4.) Turning from sin to God;
5.) Restitution where applicable;
6.) Permanent fruits of a changed life;
7.) A realization that repentance is never perfect in this life.

The advantages of a clear conscience are as follows:

1.) It gives one the power to step out on the promises of God. With the clear conscience comes a deep conviction of God’s blessed intentions towards you.
2.) It gives one the power to suffer for the sake of righteousness (without fainting, murmuring, or turning to evil).
3.) It gives one the power to worship unhindered.
4.) It lifts us above defensiveness. It is joined to the power of meekness and love.
5.) It clears the way to speak of God’s holiness with boldness. It prepares us to preach Christ crucified and to call others to repentance.
6). It is essential if we are to be able to admonish others, confronting their sin.
7.) It is joined to the ability to delight in God, to enjoy God and to consent to be loved by Him.
8.) It becomes a source of unspeakable joy and peace (the Holy Spirit works through a clear conscience, convincing us of the beauty of holiness).
9.) It issues forth in love to Christ whose blood purges the conscience and floods it with joy and peace.
10.) It is the source of a united heart that is resolute, stable, and established in the pursuit of holiness.

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