Monday, January 14, 2008

Calvinists "bastardize" scripture? Really? Part 2

See part 1 for the Video I am responding to.....Click here

Continuing on. It seems this person has John MacArthur in his sight as a target for his own ignorance.
Where to begin? The man has not a clue about what MacArthur is teaching here!
Before I get to that, I just want to mention a few points regarding some comments at the start of this video.
First of all, the video starts with Dave Hunt and his ramblings, which is a sure sign the video is not going to get any better. Anyone acquainted with Hunt's misrepresentations and views upon Calvinism know what I am talking about. That man will simply not admit error nor correct his false ideas, even when others have tried to educate him about such matters. I can only assume the person making this video sees no wrong in Hunt, which truly is a shame.

Please notice the rhetoric about "Aggressive Calvinism", Calvinism growing all about us, and how shocking and Amazing Calvinism is, especially how many times the guy is shocked etc and then the amazing statement that Christians have been lied to, presumably by Calvinists, as to what the reformation was really all about!.....

He then plays a small clip from MacArthur on Larry King, and then makes some comments.
For him, MacArthur gives the audience an "abridged version of the gospel," and then goes on to use this clip as an inroad to Johnny Mack's writings! Maybe the guy just wanted the Larry King thing for show, I do not know....

He even states that MacArthur, given the limited platform or medium of Larry King, does a decent job!, but I wonder how that limited platform then becomes even more limited by being partially used by this guy on a blog video! Seems like Larry has his agenda and the guy making the video has his!
I say, give me Larry King over this guy any day of the week! Moving on.

Actually, I have changed my mind. There is nothing here worth bothering about and besides, I just realised this short video has follow ups to contend with, and I am just too tired right now to make the effort to refute this stuff.

Simply note his comments, particularly the sentence he speaks at 3min 50sec in. Here he thinks that Calvinists dodge giving an answer as to why God saves them, by inferring that to say God has His own purpose and pleasure to save who He saves is not a good enough reason, even suggesting that such a reason is kind of random and has no design! This guy has zero understanding of Calvinism.

But what does his own position entail as to why God saves? I find his answer quite amazing. Listen from 4min and hear what he says. I call this a typical Freudian slip and I quote, "If He chose you based on no merit, (implying human merit obviously in context to his argument), if He just randomly picked and chose, then that is not a God who's in control" end quote.

What is he then saying?

He is saying exactly what he is saying..God chooses to save based upon our merit.
That is not the Gospel. That is works, and in this case, an Arminian is caught out by the proverbial Freudian slip!
It gets no clearer than that as far as I am concerned, but rarely do you actually catch Arminians saying what the logical outcome of their theology entails.
Pure unadulterated heresy, IE Pelagianism.

Nuff said..


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