Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Speaking of Steve Gregg.

An update from his site regarding the future debate with James White over Calvinism.

A fellow Arminian asks, Any news on your debate with James. Steve?

Steve responds,

Actually, YES! I was just planning to post something about this, but the date has not yet been finally confirmed. However, it appears that Dr. White and I will be debating at Twin Lakes Church, in Aptos, CA, on Sunday night, March 30th.

Obviously, this is a few months later than we had originally wished, but both James and I are available on that night, and, unless the church backs out (which I don't think is likely), that is when it should happen. Don't buy your airline tickets, though, until I confirm here that the date is set in stone. Smile

I have been reading, for the past few days, the debate between Dr. White and Dave Hunt. I confess that it has been vexing, as both men seem too interested in attacking each other personally than in sticking strictly to the issues. Mr. Hunt, in my opinion, stuck more with the issues and answered James's points more consistently than James did with Mr. Hunt's points.

James seemed to think that, instead of presenting air-tight arguments favoring his own traditions, he could simply say that Dave Hunt was depending upon "the traditions of man" (a term White gratuitously used about a zillion times---per page!), and that, instead of answering Mr. Hunt's strongest scriptural points, he could simply accuse his opponent of not using (what Dr. White regards as) "exegesis."

If Dr. White cannot do better than this in debate, I may have to deprive myself of sleep for two or three days before our debate, just to make it fair (I am not suggesting that I am smarter than Dr. White. I am sure that I am not! However, no matter how smart you are, when you argue against the truth, you place yourself at a disadvantage).

Since the debate has been put back till March, I will have more time to, hopefully, put together a week's worth of radio programs answering point-by-point the comments he made on his webcast about my lectures. I would like to air these prior to March 30th, so as to stir up additional interest in the live debate.

Also, since the debate will only allow time to make a small number of points (we could debate every night for a month without exhausting the relevant points of controversy), I am hoping to make available, at the debate, a printed document where I list every scriptural passage used by Calvinists in every one of their debates (so far, I have collected over 150), and to afix a brief (or lengthy) comment from the non-Calvinist perspective about each passage, so that the verses he brings up to which there will not be enough time to respond might not go un-addressed.

It is possible that the debate could also be followed-up by a week's worth of radio programs wherein James and I interact, as Tim Staples and I did. I believe that Dr. White has expressed an interest in this.

I do not wish for the Calvinist controversy to dominate the program overmuch, since it is not the most important subject. However, it seems to be important in the minds of many, and I don't at all mind putting it on the front burner for a limited time.
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Anonymous said...

I believe the debate took place, who do think won it?

Tartanarmy said...

The debate is right now underway, and currently stands at day 2/5.
Thus far it is quite clear James is way in front.