Monday, December 17, 2007

Soul sleep...Part 2

I am sometimes told on message boards by well meaning reformed types that I am too narrow in the scope of my worldview, and what they mean is that I am too willing to denounce and speak negatively about Non Calvinism and Non Calvinists, particularly those that embrace and accept and speak well of Arminianism, Open Theism and even what is these days called moderate Calvinism.

It is a fair criticism and I take it on board, but I want to try and say a few things about that, because I think many persons may take from that, that somehow I am happy with Calvinism and Calvinists. With few exceptions I am convinced that the majority of Calvinists are sleeping at the wheel. (Hosea 4:6)
With few exceptions, most Non Calvinists are encompassing sin land and making converts which are two fold the children of hell than they are themselves. (Matthew 23:15)

After a few years and thousands of posts online, I have come to see that not all Calvinism is of Calvinism, in the same sense that not all Israel is of Israel.

There is dare I even say it, truth and there is error.

I want to get us to agree with scripture when it says, "Can two walk together, except they be agreed?"
Amos 3:4...

I kinda want to break down all of the modern so called well meant barriers that are stopping the child of God from gaining wisdom, and causing them to "not" have the mind of Christ. (1 Corinthians 2:11-16)

For me, the biggest barrier, or at least one of the major ones is this condition called "Apathy".

I have come to accept that I have the medical condition and status as that of being a "Diabetic".
Such a condition has grave outcomes physically if not heeded carefully and forcefully, but there is another condition even more pernicious, and that is to be called "Apathetic" I believe.
As a Diabetic I cannot obtain life insurance, for I am a bad risk, but what kind of insurance is out there for the apathetic?

When we reach these moments in history where the believing orthodox Church suffers from apathy and its related side effects, we are not, and I repeat, we are not headed for judgement, we are already receiving judgement.
Our apathy is the result of our diseased condition much the same as diabetes is the result of a neglected body.

I had mentioned in part 1, that we are living in the high tech world of mass communication and yet we seem on so many basic levels to be not communicating, and I mentioned the irony.

Much of the Church today is fragmented and just holding on in most cases to it's testimony in a fallen world. Much of the Church is pretty much indistinguishable from the culture, and today, more than ever even boasts about this sad fact, under the veneer of being all things to all men, that they may win some.
Men like Hudson Taylor may have learned the natives language and even dressed like them, but men like Hudson Taylor had a way of communication that the Church today has in very short supply, namely a message of a Gospel that saves sinful humanity lost in its utter depravity.

I wonder how many Christians actually relate to what I am saying? There must be some.
How many Christians have superficial and very general and surface level relationships with those in the Church, including the leadership?
My impression seems to suggest epidemic levels of precisely that very thing.

It is no surprise that family and community has been for some time the target of some kind of twisted social engineering that I freely confess to not understand fully. I think it started at the turn of the 20th century, or at least thereabouts.
It seeped into the world at the same time that man decided the scriptures were not to be believed.

It was a movement away from the authority of scripture to the ideas of men who wanted to save the world from itself, and they had decided to get rid of objective truth, God and the Church.
They grouped themselves into private clubs and cliques, and experimented with their grand ideas in the marketplace of public education, government, politics and the social sciences, and we today are the benefactors of such a huge plan to educate the world in order to bring man to his higher calling.

Call it enlightenment or modernism or whatever label it has been given. It is real, has influence and brings us all unaffected by it to this very hour.

Then somewhere during the last 40 years or so (Maybe shorter, maybe longer), the grand ideals of men on a mission decided that what the world needs is another shift. A way to really climb the evolutionary ladder, and that was to embrace irrationalism completely. Not that they themselves admitted as much, for they themselves I believe were simply deceived. Utterly reaping what had previously been sown.

Break with the laws of Non Contradiction and celebrate diversity in every way shape or form, but, and here is the thing, it is a diversity of a narrow thought process that brainwashes mankind so easily and completely and so subtly, that man does not even notice such brainwashing even happening.
Of course it does not happen in a vacuum, and I will later mention some of the necessary conditions that need accompany such subtlety, and I will suggest "Apathy" was meant to be the goal of the plan.

I marvel, I honestly marvel at how unthinking the average person has become. I truly stand amazed at the average man, woman, boy or girl in the year of our Lord 2007.
Even those people from the older generations, that have as yet not been diagnosed with Dementia, and are in fact enjoying Grand-parenthood and active retirement, who were thinkers in another era, maybe 20 years ago, have become willing participants in the dumbing down of mankind, and it is sad to behold.
It is sad actually seeing grey haired wise looking people open their mouths and sound so dumb and irrational and well, socially relevant!

Yeah, we call it Post-Modernism. The age of fleeing reason as I understand it.

To be continued

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