Monday, December 17, 2007

Soul sleep Part 3...

From my brief excursion into the dumbing down of mankind, which as far as I am concerned is very much an easily identified movement which the more thinking among you shall find much evidence for.
Study the founding fathers of the Public School/education system in Western culture, and read what those guys were advancing, and you will see for yourself the seeds of destruction inherent within their anti God worldview and their blueprint for future generations. Satanic philosophy of not so subtle implications, but then again, the Devil himself is such a show off and proud and full of boasting as well as disguising himself as an angel of light to deceive.

Now, the Church has definitely not escaped this dumbing down of mankind, not by a long shot.
Churches are made up of individuals who have been subtly indoctrinated by the world system. For those of you looking for biblical warrant, just study the Word of God that tells us that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (Ephesians 6:12)

So here we are in 2007, and some of us are trying to get a fix on the surroundings, and make sense of this apathy we find all around us. Of course not all Christians are saying this. There are a lot of Christians who have been so exposed to post modernism and political correctness and social brainwashing, that they are wrapped up snugly in their own cocoons. For them, any hint of individuality that would raise it's voice and try and speak up, is automatically shut down by simply being ignored, or immediately accusing such individuals of being arrogant, disruptive, factitious or some other such label. In today's climate, who wants to be seen as arrogant, disruptive orfactitious?

Now please keep in mind, that the fruits and I would argue the goal, of the modern systems of thought, was for the very purpose of stifling individuality and dare I say it, passion and responsible autonomy.
So wrapped up in the emerging modern mindset is a hatred or disdain for what they might call noise.
This noise is anything which pricks at the so called progress, peace and comfort of the modern individual.

Many people in thinking that they are embracing the most tolerant philosophy ever known to mankind have themselves become the most intolerant of objective truth, individual passion and reason.

Years ago I remember when I used to go to the movies regularly, and one time I remember during a film, there was this small group of obnoxious patrons who were talking all the time through the movie. It was so annoying. But suddenly, an older man not far from me, let out this loud "shhhh" and said, "please be quiet". It worked, the people shut their mouths.

I remember thinking how I wished I did that, but was too scared or shy or whatever. That man was my hero, and I really appreciated what he did, and so too did others in that cinema.
That man was an individual, a man not brainwashed, silenced nor so timid to do the right thing.
The rest of us were the ones who socially had no courage to dare challenge the behaviour of others.
Not so long ago, I went to the movies again, and this time, and in this cinema, there were many more people talking during the movie. I looked around to see if anyone was really bothered, and to my surprise no one else seemed to care. I let it go on just to see if anyone would complain.

Eventually someone let out a "shhh", with no effect. Then another "shhhh" but this time the person doing the "shhh" was told to be quiet and watch the movie. It was truly amazing, as I realised that low talking in the cinema was now socially acceptable, but the brave individual who would "shhh" is the outcast.
I remembered thinking on the way home, how my son's had shared with me, that at school, students were allowed to talk quietly among themselves, even when the teacher is teaching.
It was all making sense to me in some odd way, but it has never sat well with me.

There is a thing called "group think" or a saying that tells us the "herd mentality" prevails. So true.
Whilst many people can claim to be tolerant and diverse and open minded, they are so, in as much as others do not encroach upon their so called freedoms. Otherwise watch out!

What are those freedoms? Well they range from accepting every ones opinions as valid and true for them, to accepting alternative lifestyles, to embracing paradox, contradictions and pluralism.
It is the full bloom philosophy of John Lennon, who not that long ago imagined a world where there is no heaven, no religion, no hell below us, only the brotherhood of man. That ideal has come home to roost in the western culture.

Of course, just as Lennon himself embraced drugs of the illegal kind to fashion his worldview, the modern benefactors have been consuming the drug which is the philosophy itself.

The modern Church embraces love and peace and the brotherhood of man.
There is in scripture a profound thing which has been called the "antithesis". This simply means that there are really only two kinds of philosophies out there in the world. There is God's authority and there is man's authority, and never the twain shall meet so to speak. Only one shall prevail in the end, and scripture does not keep us in the dark about which one shall triumph.

Having said that, we have in the Church today, a mentality that is on the one hand orthodox as far as it goes, but, and here is the thing, we have a methodology which is compromised on the antithesis, and hence by default lands on the side of man's autonomy and philosophies.

The Church has become man centred in a nut shell. The Church has become tolerant in the modern sense. The Church has become pragmatic, undisciplined, lazy, compromised, lukewarm, insular, tired, selfish, non offensive, affirming of peace and love and tolerance to all mankind and increasingly Ecumenical and anti-doctrine.

There is a saying that a Church is only as good as the man or leadership, and I firmly believe that to be the case for the most part. Churches are filled with modern and hence modern thinking men. Men who have grown up in the midst of postmodernism and drank it in like fish.
Of course none of this should surprise anyone who thinks about these things, but here is where I have come to diagnose an even bigger problem of sorts.

Much like the old wise men I mentioned earlier, who at one time in their earlier days, were thinkers and not so influenced by postmodern thought, have in fact in their old age mellowed and become dumbed down.
The same I think is happening in our Churches where at one time, not so long ago, maybe even a few years, has seen a shift, where truth is being silenced and subtle error is coming in from both the pulpit and the pew, and the child of God is being slowly starved and hence dying.

The change is not some big thing, or some big noise that attracts attention. No, it is the massive, silent, onslaught of the wisdom of the prevailing culture in all of its glory, making its presence felt without having to really try all that hard.
It is just the inevitable outworking of philosophy that was brought into the culture that has been pervasive, powerful, attractive and like sand through the hour glass, eventually fills the whole chamber.

Getting back to this thing called Apathy. What does it look like?
Well, to answer that, we must keep in mind certain conditions that must also exist. Let me call these conditions, which are tangible things, the breeding ground or the base foundation.

It looks like indifference to what the Bible calls "evil".
It looks like impatience to anything which at first hearing sounds harsh.
It looks like love and grace but really is a mask for I care but not enough to make a real difference.
It looks like wisdom and patience, but is really self protectionism and selfishness and the path of least resistance.

To be continued....

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