Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Once again Theology matters.

Steve Gregg and myself have in the past not seen eye to eye on doctrine, that is for sure.
I just realised why the man hates Jonathon Edwards sermon on "Sinners in the hands of an angry God".
Basically, Steve had said that the God portrayed by Edwards in that sermon was not the God of the Bible.

He and others have been contemplating the doctrine of universalism over at his forums.

Steve has said, and I quote,

I do not waste time worrying whether it would be most accurate for me to say to an unbeliever, "If you don't become a Christian you will be condemned to go to a place of judgment and punishment that is described as a place that has fire and other terrible things in it," or to simply say, "If you don't become a Christian you will go to hell." I am not likely to make either statement to an unbeliever. The apostles never raised such an issue when evangelizing unbelievers, and (unless I am prepared to equate "hades" and/or "gehenna" with what we commonly call hell) it would appear that Jesus did not do so either.

If an unbeliever is not willing to surrender to King Jesus without first being told exactly what the consequences will be for his resistance, then I suspect that man has not yet the capacity to surrender on God's terms at all.

Anyway, without a clearer biblical witness on the subject than what we have, the question, to my mind, seems to be merely an academic one for Christians (to whom it has no direct relevance) to speculate about.
At this time Steve is not saying he is a universalist, just like he is saying he is not yet an Open Theist.

Yes, Theology matters.

When we do not love the truth, which in this case is the reformed doctrines present in Holy scripture and found in the confessions and creeds, it is no secret that the Devil has a field day with error leading to error leading to more error, and may even end up in total apostasy or heresy, and the shipwrecking of many souls.

I remember once saying that the logical outcome of Arminianism was not simply false doctrine, nor even Open Theism, which it is for many, but the real final logical outcome is stark atheism itself.

Open Theism, Unitarianism, Universalism, rationalism etc are merely signposts along the way to utter destruction.


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