Thursday, December 06, 2007

Calvinism/Atonement rejected because of Dispensationalism.

A not too surprising discussion is taking place over at my old home Doctrines of grace. It is really just another discussion by a Dispensationalist who has posted there before when I was active there.

He is a four Point Calvinist, hence not a Calvinist at all, hence someone who does not affirm the doctrines of grace in any consistent biblical way.
He really is a confused Arminian, but would never admit it!

Here is the link.

I almost wish I could join the discussion (I am not allowed to post), but I would probably end up spoiling things, and making the "happiest Calvinist place", well, less happy. (And just for the record, I agree 100% with the Mods there, that if I do not share the view that discussing the doctrines of grace is to be done in the context of making the site the happiest and friendliest Calvinist place on the web, then I agree with them that it is in their interest to not let me post there. I agree with them 100% and it is the core reason that brought about my resigation from the board in the end)

Now others can be cordially presented the happy doctrines of the Ameraldian theology without a passionate rebuke of such false ideas.

You can only defend the doctrines of grace by providing a robust defense of them, and that includes what has been plainly proclaimed by the Church in the past.

Once we separate historical theology from current day pragmatic theology, we are already behind the ball and will never catch up. The idea that we today stand upon the shoulders of the giants from the past has become a glib saying. What we are really doing is side-stepping these former Giants and dealing with theology upon our own subjective methods and playing safe with the modern culture lest we offend their so called equal rights to their views and/or their sensibilities..
How I wish God would grant us more boldness in these days to defend against subtle errors without thinking as if to do so means being agreeable to merely disagree.
We have lost the art of saying out loud that all views are decidedly not equal and hence we have lost passion, zeal and dare I say it, boldness and clarity for truth sake.

Truth comes before happiness I believe.

In fact, truth itself, should lead us into what true happiness is all about, and that is finding what Piper teaches so well, namely finding our satisfaction in Him.

That word "satisfaction" has another meaning, that 4 point Calvinists do not fully grasp, when it comes to the doctrine of the atonement.
And Dispensational 4 pointers even less so, sadly. Too much baggage is in their presuppositions, and blinds them to the overall consistency and necessity of the five points as defined by Calvinists. Real Calvinists that is, not pretend Calvinists, of which there are many these days.

See this and this and this...and James White's excellent testimony here...


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