Saturday, October 20, 2007

Revisionism and Unity...

Revisionism and Unity...
Author: tartanarmy (8:34 pm)

Disunity happens as soon as Synergism gains the upper hand.
Anywhere in Church history you care to venture, once man's will is emphasised and God's will is set aside, unity goes flying out the window on every occasion.

Monergism vs Synergism IS the battle for real unity in the Church.

Just out of curiosity.
Is anyone here aware of the fact that ROME after the reformation (Counter Reformation), sent people to infiltrate Protestant Churches, in order to introduce Synergism once again, knowing that if they could successfully introduce synergism, half the battle was won, in order to get the Churches open again to Romanism.

From where I am standing, that battle has been accomplished since the reformation.

Do we today know these historical facts?

Also, does anyone here know that Dispensationalism actually came from Rome and not Protestantism, again as a Roman Catholic movement that was organised, for the purpose of deflecting the very obvious Protestant consensus that the Pope and Rome was that evil made mention of in scripture?

Do we today know these historical facts?

Revisionism is not just something the secular world with an agenda happens to promote.


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