Friday, August 10, 2007

Give me a home where the Buffaloes ROME!

Give me a home where the Buffaloes ROME!
Author: tartanarmy (4:40 am)


But is it not fascinating, in a sad sort of way, that when it comes to Rome and its claims, the clarity of thought, the laser-like precision of thinking, that is supposed to mark Frank Beckwith...collapses?
James White

The Buffaloes have stampeded and James is the target as usual.
Man, I have been trying to keep up with the recent discussions over at Stand To Reason, particularly between James White and Frank Beckwith, the recent convert to Rome. (Though I am not convinced the man actually ever left Rome)

But here is my amazement. I had never ever heard Beckwith before, and was lead to believe the man was some kind of intelligent, visionary scholar.
I listened to him on air with Greg Koukl, and I must say I was utterly flabbergasted at this reputed great Theologian, one Mr Beckwith.
The man sounded like a below average student in a small Sunday school class. I kid you not, listen for yourselves in the link provided below.
But I did notice his writing prowess seems to at least do him some justice, but even there, just a more polished stream of nonsensical statements filled with philosophical babble. Certainly not clarity nor straightforwardness, for a man who's reputation precedes him, I was astonished.

And the main thread at Stand To Reason blog.

And The Interview itself, in part from the Dividing Line.

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