Friday, August 31, 2007

Beyond Belief Conference!

Beyond Belief Conference!
Author: tartanarmy (11:51 pm)

I do not know if anyone has the stomach to watch over 15 hours of lecture/discussion/debate amongst some of the worlds leading Atheists and Scientists, but I actually found it fascinating.

The whole conference was about faith and God/religion, and it was at times like watching an extremist fundamentalist gathering of sad worshippers with zealous preaching that would make Benny Hinn jealous!

Here is a clip with two Atheists arguing that I found most interesting.
One of them is the hard line anti-Christian, anti-reason, anti-tolerant Sam Harris, who is here on the defensive from an actual Scientist, which of course Harris is not!


If anyone wants the links to the 10 part videos, please let me know!

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