Thursday, July 19, 2007

R.C Grins at his detractors.

R.C Grins at his detractors.
Author: tartanarmy (2:42 am)

I don't know about you all, but when Dr White recently made mention of using some comments made by Steve Gregg on his Calvinism series, and in one of those Mr Gregg mocks Dr RC Sproul, I cannot but help feel it is all worth it, knowing I had a very little part in that.

The reason I mention it, is because when I first Heard Steve Gregg's comments about RC, I immediately saw in my mind a grin on the face of RC had he been aware of what Steve had said about him.(Mainly because Steve was misunderstanding what Sproul was saying!)

After petitioning Dr White a number of times to consider debating Mr Gregg, it was with some irony that in the course of providence, RC did come to have a grin upon his face in the exact same way I had many months ago imagined!

Anyway, the latest Dividing line talks about it and deals with the debate that is still well and truly on the table.
Even though I am no longer welcome over at Steve's board, I am yet still looking forward to the debate between him and Dr White.

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