Friday, July 13, 2007

Modern scholarship in a Post Modern world.

Modern scholarship in a Post Modern world.
Author: tartanarmy (2:32 pm)

I have been reading with some interest the trends within Evangelical land in the last decade pertaining to Protestantism and Roman Catholicism, and am deeply troubled.

I am one of those who came from a RC background, and know first hand the results, beliefs and way of Popery.
Even in my short time upon this earth I have seen with my own eyes the kind of abominations within this great religious system called Rome.

But, modern evangelicals are increasingly finding ways to join with this monstrous deadener of mens souls, and are doing so with increasing vigour.

High profile converts to Rome are becoming increasingly old news and very little is being said about it.
Everyone seems to be caught up in the post modern politically correct atmosphere of superficial niceties.

I for one am sick of it. I am tired of the fact that way too many evangelicals have not a strong word against Roman Catholicism.
Way too many are making nothing of the trend to move toward Rome and its dogma.

In fact, way too many are happy to pat those who jump over to Rome squarely on the back and offer the open arm of fellowship with them.
It is simply amazing.

Oh, I know I will be called all kinds of names, but let me just say this.
What has Rome to offer anyone?

Deception, that's what it offers. A false system of works righteousness hiding under the umbrella of grace! It is a sham and a mockery of true Biblical Christianity.

Has Rome changed?
Nope, nada, and it never will.

Even the New Pope has come out and re-established who the true Church is and has slapped egg on the faces of all those silly Evangelicals pursuing peace with this abomination.

I love Catholics and I want to see them saved. I have family caught up in its tentacles and it grieves me much to see them so much in bondage.

I have to greatly admire James White for his tenacious attitude in dealing with this beast.
It has been said well, "Talent is much more common than tenacity,
and yet it is tenacity that, by the Divine blessing, carries the day."
Thankfully men like Dr White have both of these attributes.

Please read and listen to his latest passionate response to movements happening within "friendly" evangelical circles.

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