Saturday, June 23, 2007

Michael Moore - Sicko!

Michael Moore - Sicko!
Author: tartanarmy (6:03 am)

Putting aside some of the man's political views for a moment, I could not help but be moved by the following speech regarding the state of health cover in the USA.

Coming from Scotland originally and now living in Australia, I am really thankful to have medical treatment available when I need it. Our system could be better, but what you guys seem to have is scary!

A few years ago, I was in Florida with my son and brother, and we took a cruise around the Carribean. Our trip was ruined by one issue.
My brother had a situation on board the ship, which quickly became serious. He had an abscess on his neck which suddenly grew very large and was extremely painful.

He has had them before, and has had to see the local doctor, who would cut and drain the abscess, clean, pack and treat it all in about 20 minutes or so, and for free.

On the ship, the American Doctor could do nothing unless an immediate payment of 1400.00 US was paid.

Now, when you have been saving for a holiday, and you are at the last part of the holiday, the last thing you expect is a sudden abscess on a ship that needs immediate attention, and that the simple cure would cost you 1400.00 dollars!

My brother paid it, even though I said I would knock him out and do it myself!

Anyway, that story is nothing compared to some of the stories I am hearing about you guys in America.
Whats with that women who died in the hospital waiting room the other day? The one who's husband rang 911 from the hospital!
Crazy stuff.

I am no lover of Mr Moore's sometimes not well thought out views, but sometimes he just gets it right!
What do you all say?

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