Saturday, June 30, 2007

All Good things must come to an end!

All Good things must come to an end!
Author: tartanarmy (5:11 am)

Since it was discussed over at Dr Whites site, that a debate may be on the cards with one Steve Gregg from "The Narrow Path", a debate I had wanted to happen for some time, I decided to pop over and get involved in some of the discussions at the forums.

Well, as the title above suggests, my end had to come.

After much interaction, going back and forth with some of the posters and particularly Mr Gregg himself, I could no longer post there in good faith, especially when my posts started to get deleted.

I enjoyed some of the conversations, but the place is a breeding ground not only for man's autonomy in the matter of salvation, but a welcoming ground for Open Theism, and it was my interaction upon that subject that led to my demise at Steve's board.

But it only goes to show yet again, that Open Theism is the logical outcome of Arminianism, at least for the thinking man's Arminianism.

One of the saving graces of Arminianism is the "inconsistency" in which it's adherents flesh out it's theology, which is really a good thing.

But sadly, it is way harder to say the same thing about Open Theism.

It certainly is more consistent with it's heretical views about God and the nature of the will of man, but the price paid is much too great, and therefore represents a serious departure from even the barely orthodox religion of Arminianism.

I faithfully tried to interact with several people over there, but in the end, it all comes down to whether we desire to have a God who is truly free and Sovereign in all things, or whether we shall cling to some shred of human libertarian free will, and share in the synergism of a salvation that really depends upon the will of man for fulfilment.

Mr Gregg has a lot of good to say in other Christian teaching areas, but his out and out "Synergism" permeates all of his thinking, and therefore, likeminded people can only get so much out of his teachings, but Calvinists or those understanding the sovereignty of God in all of it's fullness, can benefit from some of his otherwise sound Christian teachings in his audio lecture series.

I am of the opinion, that the man is heading toward Open Theology (others see it also). Not because it is biblical, but because he is a smart Arminian, who is beginning to see the problems and inconsistencies in Arminianism. But as he is a lover of libertarian free will rather than a lover of the "freedom" of God, he will do the consistent thing and move ever closer to real heresy. It is sad to see, but get used to it folks. Open Theology as a movement is everywhere these days, and it's ugly head only gets noticed when some kind of meaningful interaction beyond surface level discussion is pursued.

Then when it is discussed at a deeper level, be prepared for the discussions to begin to end. Once you take aim at that precious tradition of man's autonomy to choose and God's utter sovereignty in all things, the door will be shown to you, or a gentle push will cause you to leave by your own free will!

I still hope the debate with Dr White will go ahead.

I recently communicated with Mr Rich Pierce, the faithful man behind the scene at the Dividing Line and he likewise is hoping for the debate to still happen as soon as Dr White has the time available for it to go ahead.

Like all debates, I look forward to the cross examination, for it is there everything becomes plain, and error is exposed head on!

Such benefits the Church no matter what views you hold to, for God's sheep shall hear His voice, Amen.


All of the conversations are found at the link below!

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